Day Three – Slowing the Pace

I still got up pretty early, (08h30), and headed out pretty early, (09h30); but otherwise did not exert myself overmuch. I visited the fish market again, enjoying the sea lions and visiting with a fisherman, Carlos, who spoke excellent English, (his daughter lives in Toronto, and I think he liked having the opportunity to exercise his English). I purchased ceviche:

Ceviche is seafood “cooked” in lemon juice and vinegar, in this case it also had cilantro, celery and onions. The fish one, (white), was pretty good, although I couldn’t quite finish it; the reddish one… is made out of the reddish jelly things in these bags: 

and was not very good. Too fishy for my taste. I also picked up shark for supper. I think I got about a pound and paid four dollars for it. After that I walked home and napped for three hours. When I woke up CB and Hannah (a German couple) had just gotten back from their trip to the fish market and so the three of us and Paul went to the beach. We only saw two turtles this time, but the water was warm again and Hannah and I had a good visit.  After that I went to the bus station to try to purchase a ticket for my bus ride tomorrow morning to Putre as per the hostel owner Ross’ advice. I was met with the following slightly confusing sign:


Importantly this photo was taken at 19h00. Anyhow, I’m all packed up and will head to the bus station tomorrow at 06h30 sharp and hope I can purchase a ticket then.